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ACTBA Nationals Selection Policy


This document has been produced to clarify the team selection process. This document has been determined with ACTBA’s Mission and Vision Statements in mind.

Mission: The ACT Broomball Association strives to promote the development of athletes, coaches and officials, incorporating social, cultural, economic, health and community benefits through the sport of Broomball.

Vision: The ACT Broomball Association represents an amateur recreational sport that will provide leadership by promoting and developing Broomball programs and services designed to meet the needs of the Broomball community. We will place our athletes at the heart of the organisation by establishing a unique competitive environment, thereby experiencing respect, fun, fitness and life-long social relationships.

ACTBA requires our Selectors, Coaches and the Committee themselves to adhere to the following guidelines as far as practicable:

  • The Selection Panel will be appointed by the ACTBA Committee and will stand for 2 years.
  • Panels will be made up of 3 members.
  • In an instance where the Committee cannot split their vote to 3 selectors, the Committee can choose to allow up to a max of 5 selectors OR the President can cast a deciding vote.
  • Player nominations will be presented to the Committee by the Selectors
  • All players who play in the ACT local competition are required to submit their nomination for ACT before any other state. Players can request permission from the ACTBA Committee for permission to participate in the tournament for another state.
  • ACT representative teams are to be capped at 11 players (selected)
  • Where the number of player nominations exceeds 11 players for a particular division and there is no other available team for any overflow players (ie. Mixed or any Intermediate divisions), these players will be named as reserves (reserve players are to be made fully aware of the conditions of being a reserve);
  • In the case of a selected player withdrawing from a tournament, either prior to, or during the tournament, the selectors will select an appropriate replacement from the list of reserves
  • Reserve players at a tournament will be guaranteed of some game time, but the amount will be at the discretion of the Coach/Captain/Assistants
  • Players on the reserve list may request permission from the ACTBA Committee to be removed from the list to participate in the tournament for another state
  • Selections are to be based on the Selectors judgment and perception of the player’s abilities, potential, development, attitude, commitment and the need for team balance.
  • Coaches will be selected by the Selectors, an EOI will be sent out to all members for the positions
  • Captains (1 Captain and 2 Assistants) will be chosen by the Selectors. The Selectors are able to choose captains via other means, such as player vote, if they wish.
  • Players will submit their preferred position when nominating.
  • The amount of game time for each player or reserve player is at the discretion of the Coach, the Coach may wish to, but is not mandated to, consult with the Captain and Assistants
  • The president of ACTBA will distribute the document to all members for viewing.
  • The ACTBA Committee will review this policy annually prior to each nationals tournament.

ACTBA requires the nominating Players to adhere to the following guidelines as far as practicable:

  • A membership fee is to be paid by all ACTBA members (a $5 membership to ACTBA and a $5 membership for BA, which is paid annually to BA per member). This fee enables all those who are financial with ACTBA, eligible for selection for an ACT squad(s)
  • Membership fees and any associated forms to be collected by team Captains and forwarded to the Treasurer and VP Admin
  • If players want to ask for information on any selections made they are to do so directly to the ACTBA president in writing.

· The ACTBA President must respond within 1 working week.


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