“Broomball, is that the thing where they slide that big rock and rub the ice with the brooms as it slides along?”

That’s the most commonly asked question! (And no, thats curling)  It’s actually more like a cross between ice hockey and field hockey only the players don’t skate, they run on the ice!  Players wear special broomball shoes that have a foam sole that allows excellent grip on the ice.  The sticks (broom) used are about 1.2m in length with a rubber wedge shaped head.  Each team has 6 players on the ice; 1 player in the goals, 2 players in defence and 3 players in the forwards.

Broomball is different to other ball and stick sports as the ice surface adds an extra dimension to the game.  It’s great fun and an excellent work out for players of all ages from 13 years and over.

Come and give Broomball a go, we guarantee you’ll love the challenge!

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